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In every rented building, ancillary costs are charged. Legislation stipulates which expenses may be charged and which may not. For example, ancillary costs, often referred as heating and operating cost charges, may not include profits, and they are to be charged to the tenants according to effective expenditure. The larger and more complex a property is, the more time-consuming it is to prepare and charge these ancillary costs. Especially if there are different uses in the building, the allocation of the ancillary costs according to the source is complex. If, in addition to heating, cooling energy is also supplied to the tenants, the task becomes even more demanding.

Enastra AG specialises in developing the most suitable service charge model for large properties with mixed use. This consists of several elements and aims to achieve the highest level of transparency, simplicity and allocation of ancillary costs according to the source. Tailor-made distribution and area keys are developed for the different uses and based on the agreements in the rental contracts. If tenants are supplied with several technical media such as heating, cooling, general electricity, water, hot water, the tariff model has proven very successful. For this purpose, we develop a customised tariff model based on the installed building services concept. For example, the calculation of the cooling tariff depends on the electricity consumption of the cooling machines, but also on the water consumption of the cooling towers.

The operational implementation of the ancillary cost billing is carried out by the property management. They use a suitable application for this purpose. If required, we can provide a web-based software tool for this task. This tool contains all tenant data, contracts, tariffs, area and distribution keys, bills on account and statements. The tenant-relevant energy and water data of the meters are also part of the tool and allow a simple direct allocation of energy and water costs to the tenants. Specific requirements of property management can be implemented easily and flexibly.

Regardless of whether you prepare your service charge statement with your existing tool, with our application, or with Excel, we can competently support you in this complex task.

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