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Our core skills include the combining of client trusteeship, energy consulting, energy controlling, service charge management and renewable energy. Our team of highly qualified specialists works hard to help clients through complex projects, developing integrated, energy efficient solutions fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our clients

We serve clients from a wide range of industries, but they all have the same goal: increasing their energy efficiency. They include leading businesses in the fields of finance, insurance, healthcare, retail and industry, as well as the public sector.

Our skills profile

We offer our clients expertise and support throughout every phase of a building’s life cycle.

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Strategy – Energy strategy and positioning for new builds and developing approaches to increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Concept – Designing energy and building technology concepts as a core instrument for planning and implementation.

Management – Operational support with tailored solutions for energy monitoring and optimisation.

Overall project management and quality control – Throughout every phase of the construction process.