Client trusteeship.

Working side-by-side to develop the perfect solution.

Strategically optimising new builds or redevelopment projects is essential for future control of running costs, comfort and sustainability. We are at your side with tailored services, developing solutions for optimum protection of your investment and taking on an overall management role through every phase of your project.

Client representative and consultant

Property owners are confronted with a variety of conceptual challenges, especially when it comes to complex projects. By calling in a client representative or consultant, they’re guaranteed independent assessments, professional preparation of key documents and time savings. Independence is an important factor. The contractor cannot represent their own interests; they must be independent and represent the company. Trust in our expertise and our independence are vital if mandates are to be handled successfully.

The client representative helps in areas such as asserting the property owner’s interests and goals in dealings with project stakeholders. They assume responsibility for overall project management and monitor the costs, deadlines and quality of complex construction projects. This requires a wealth of experience, leadership skills and social skills. We are perfectly qualified to represent you in this regard
The client representatives take care of tasks such as developing strategies, calculating cumulative costs, providing problem-solving support. They assist property owners with procuring service providers and calculating LCCs. They require a great deal of professional expertise for this role.

Lead project management

Leading management of building technology and energy in large new build and refurbishment projects is an extremely demanding task. It not only requires expert qualifications, but also a high degree of tact in interacting with a huge range of groups, including owners, occupants, architects and specialist planners. We use these skills and our organisational expertise to meet quality and budgetary requirements – and deadlines, of course. The risks associated with project and quality management need to be identified and appropriate measures developed. A skilled lead project manager opens up great opportunities, keeping project management in hand so your specialist planners can focus on what they do best.

Specialist planner evaluation

Whether a project will ultimately be successful relies entirely on the ‘right’ specialist’s evaluation. To avoid unpleasant discussions later on, the services to be provided are precisely defined based on an extensive specification sheet. We manage the entire process up until the contract is successfully awarded. Clients derive numerous benefits from specialist assistance with tendering. For one, the process will determine the specialist planner who offers the best value for money. And experience shows that planners’ fees are 5-10% lower than usual if a complete and clearly defined specification sheet is available. With this approach our clients confirm their status as professional property owners.

QA/second opinion

Property owners are increasingly calling on us to help them guarantee that their complex construction projects meet quality control requirements. Our clients want to raise quality standards across all phases of construction. The focus here is on optimising overall technical concepts and preventing bad investments. We also aspire to the highest sustainability and energy standards at the lowest possible energy costs. All this means that you need a specialist quality control engineer involved in the project right from the start.

Second opinion services include reports from our experts on complex issues. Experience shows that the more complex the undertaking, the more important services like this are. Property owners, investors and planners turn to us for expert advice. Our specialists collaborate and share their extensive knowledge across disciplines, so we can review the functionality of concepts and trades and perform quantitative and qualitative analyses of your facilities. Enastra also has the right measuring equipment at its disposal for determining operating conditions.

Media supply contracts

Supplying grid-based energy to third-party buildings in the form of district heating, district cooling, water and electricity always goes hand-in-hand with relevant contractual formalities. We develop these supply contracts for you using our extensive basic knowledge of building technology combined with legal expertise. Drawing up supply contracts also involves developing pricing models for billing energy to third-party buildings. We develop and draft the supply contracts, which then go to the internal Legal department for final review.
Do you procure energy from suppliers and do you already have an energy supply contract? Would you like to obtain an independent expert opinion on it before you sign on the dotted line? We scrutinise the contract documents, compare suggested prices with the market and critically analyse the supply conditions. Since supply contracts have terms of 15 years and more, these services are all the more important.

  1. Klinik Hirslanden hospital, ‘Enzenbühltrakt’ ZH

    «Enastra helped us design and implement the energy and building technology involved in this complex new construction project to our utmost satisfaction.» Daniel Hauswirth, Head of Real Estate

  2. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

    «Annual savings of 700,000 litres of heating oil and a reduction in our CO2 emissions of 1,800 tonnes are just some of the ways we benefited from Enastra’s extensive support.» Reto Schwengeler, Head of Infrastructure & Safety

  3. Swisscom Chur

    «Expert support from concept to implementation. With our new refrigeration systems our energy consumption is down 50% and emit 20 tonnes less CO2 per year. Truly impressive!» Head of Data & Network Centre Management