Advice on renewable energy.

Your contribution to the energy revolution.

The future belongs to renewable energy. Renewables are a key part of Switzerland’s energy strategy. They will account for a significant proportion of future energy production. The ‘building as power plant’ model is especially important. By including renewables, buildings are moving towards the goal of nearly zero emissions building (NZEB) status.

Enastra AG supports and advises clients in all areas relating to the use of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy and biomass. We produce potential studies, compile portfolio analyses and design projects on in every area relating to renewable energy in buildings and facilities.

We have a close partnership with ERNI Immobilien, Adrian Erni.

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Photovoltaics are a proven source of technology that generate power directly from sunlight. They contribute to the overall energy strategy by generating environmentally friendly electricity from an inexhaustible source of energy. Generally, all the electricity generated by a photovoltaic system is then consumed within the building itself.

Solar panels

In buildings with significant hot water demands, solar panels generate a large portion of the required heat energy through solar heat. This makes solar panels particularly well suited to residential buildings and hotels.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps use geothermal energy to produce heating efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Heat pumps have long surpassed outdated fossil fuel-based boilers in popularity. It is important to use heat sources with the highest possible source temperatures, such as groundwater or geothermal energy, to achieve high levels of efficiency.

Geothermal probes

Geothermal probes are gaining in popularity for large buildings and complexes with significant heating and cooling demands. During the winter, geothermal probes act as a heat source for heating (unloading). In summer, they are a source of free cooling (loading). The challenge here is in ensuring equilibrium between loading and unloading.

Wood firing systems

Wood firing systems are also gaining more interest for the low costs that come from using domestic raw materials, and their CO2 neutrality. We develop logistics concepts and variants for integrating wood firing systems into a building’s technical infrastructure.