Energy controlling and service charge management.

So you can focus on the bigger picture.

Energy-efficient buildings markedly reduce costs while emitting significantly less CO2. We automatically record energy and operating data, analyse it and provide customised evaluations, energy balances, reports and key figures. Energy controlling creates transparency and provides the ideal basis for settling service charges.

Energy controlling

Transparency regarding energy flows is key for real estate and facilities. Only when you know how much energy you are consuming, and where, can you focus on optimisation. Energy controlling is the best solution for this task.
We’re not just interested in a one-time record of energy flows, but also what is known as energy controlling. Just as financial controlling does with cash flow, this involves permanent monitoring of energy flows to immediately identify outliers and fix the underlying causes. Energy controlling forms the ideal basis for operational optimisation. It allows for precise verification and documentation of your gains in operational optimisation.

Energy controlling by Enastra AG automatically records and uploads load profile data (every 15 minutes) – an ideal solution for complex property holdings. Clients don’t require additional software; they simply receive login details to access their data on a web-based portal.
Energy controlling (EC) provides numerous benefits for property owners:

  • EC is a master tool which allows clients to ‘lead with figures’
  • EC identifies potential savings
  • EC creates order and provides quick access to energy data and costs
  • EC is a proven tool for preventing bad investments
  • EC provides feasible energy data for calculating service charges
  • EC is a process firmly entrenched in the operational phase

Online energy controlling

Service charge management

Service charges are part of life in any rented building. The law defines which expenses may and may not be charged. For example: service charges, often referred to as utilities, cannot include a mark-up, and tenants must be charged based on their actual usage. The larger and more complex a property is, the more effort and expense it takes to process and bill these service charges. And allocating service charges based on usage is incredibly complex, especially in buildings that provide for different usage, even more so if tenants receive both heating and cooling energy.

Enastra AG specialises in developing the most suitable service charge models for large, mixed use properties. This consists of several different elements and comes with the advantage of high transparency, simplicity and usage-based allocation of service charges. Tailored distribution and allocation formulae are developed for a building’s different uses based on the terms of tenancy contracts. For tenants provided with multiple technical media, such as heat, cooling, general electricity, water and hot water, the price structure has proven highly successful as a pay-as-you-go system. This price structure makes calculation of service charges much simpler. We develop a custom price structure based on the technical building concept in use. For example – the rate for cooling depends on the energy consumed by cooling units as well as the water consumed by cooling towers.

The service charge system is ultimately applied by the property manager using a suitable application. If necessary, we can provide a web-based software tool for this purpose. This tool displays all the tenant master data, contracts, prices, distribution and allocation formulae, invoices on account and billing data. The metered energy and water data for each tenant are included in this tool, which allows easy allocation of energy and water costs directly to tenants. This usage-based billing system makes tenants more aware of their energy consumption. And the system is simple and flexible enough to allow property managers to set specific requirements.
Whether you manage your service charges with your existing tool, our application or Excel, we can provide you with skilled support in tackling this challenging task.

Further info

  1. Swiss accident insurance agencies nationwide

    «Transparency and data consistency around energy consumption at all of our locations were our primary goals. We now use energy controlling for sustainability reporting and calculating service charges.» Christian Marfurt, Sustainability Officer

  2. City of Rapperswil­Jona

    «As an energy town, we actively encourage sustainability and energy efficiency. A key part of this is recording and monitoring energy consumption at our properties. Enastra has provided us with skilled support here.» Gallus Ammann, Head of Property Management

  3. Ricola

    «We stand by our claim of ‹naturally good›. That’s why we have relied on Enastra for our central energy controlling needs to monitor and optimise our energy flows since 2010.» Daniel Bhend, Head of Technology/Engineering